Aid for Beirut

On Monday 11th August we were contacted by one of our wonderful parents asking if we would like to contribute to a shipment of aid soon to go to Lebanon following the recent terrible explosion that devastated Beirut. Our Principal, Mr Daniel Delmage immediately endorsed this wonderful initiative and gave it his full backing.
Within three days our students and families had filled the school  with generous donations of goods so desperately needed by our brothers and sisters in need, including rice, flour, hundreds of cans of food, baby supplies, and clothing suitable for children and the elderly. Our staff banded together to raise funds to purchase in bulk and over $3000 was quickly raised and spent on nappies, personal care items for the elderly and basic medical supplies .
So many of our students of Lebanese heritage were particularly moved by the generosity of the Trinity community. Milad Mouawad of Year 11 spoke for many, “ I am so grateful that our whole school came together to care for people who have lost everything, this is a wonderful way to make a real difference to people in desperate need.” As a strongly multicultural community, composed of students from many different backgrounds and cultures, we are united by our faith and the call to work together for the good of others and we responded  to the Beirut crisis with amazing energy and commitment.
On Friday 15th August our College bus, filled to the brim with donations.  left our campuses and made its way to the collection point, along with a couple of extra car loads to transport all the goods. It was quite a convoy!
It was a great privilege for our student, staff and parent community to be able to help out and to make a practical difference for people in crisis. We continue to pray for those in Beirut and throughout the world in need of food, shelter and most importantly, our care.