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A wide variety of co-curricular activities are available to challenge our students to discover and develop their unique talents and gifts. These include:

  • Debating and public speaking
  • Public Speaking
  • Band
  • Chess

Debating and public speaking are co-curricular activities which build self-confidence and develop the ability to think both laterally and logically. These activities can have benefits for the academic curriculum. Both are activities that are challenging and fun at the same time. Debating is a great way of improving communication, essay writing, public speaking and many other school-related skills… not to mention, how to win in an argument!

  • Retreats and Reflection Days
  • Community Service
  • St Vincent’s de Paul Group
  • Excursions
  • Peer Support
  • Charitable Work
  • Spelling Bees
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Sporting Teams
  • Junior Concert Band
  • MS Read-a-thon
  • Liturgical Activities
  • Titration Chemistry Competition
  • State and Nationwide competitions

Step Up Into Teaching & Step Up Into Nursing

The Step Up Into Teaching and Step Up Into Nursing are programs designed to enable students to begin their tertiary studies in education or nursing whilst they are completing their HSC. It is a fantastic opportunity for those students who intend to be our teachers and nurses of the future.

Step Up Into Teaching and Step Up Into Nursing are joint projects between Australian Catholic University (ACU) and the Catholic Education Office Sydney (CEO) that allow HSC students to complete two university modules while still at school. The program is intended to increase awareness of university facilities and expectations, and allow students to make informed choices on their post-HSC career path.

Students complete a combination of online learning, face to face teaching at ACU Strathfield and afternoon sessions at a local Catholic high school. The ACU run program operates outside of the HSC requirements and Trinity students must still complete all aspects of their HSC studies.