IMG_1986Music at Trinity Catholic College is offered through the Creative Arts faculty. It integrates Information Technology in the syllabus through modern hardware and software packages available to students.

Students at the College also have performance opportunities throughout the year, such as College Assemblies, Band Competitions, Eisteddfods, Liturgies, Open Day, the annual Creative Arts Night and many more.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts empower students to engage in visual forms of communication. The subject of Visual Arts serves to facilitate an interpretation and organisation of such information. Visual Arts plays an important role in the social, cultural and spiritual lives of students. Through effective teaching and learning, students’ knowledge of the visual arts can become increasingly complex, more reflective and authoritative over time.


The conceptual framework proposes ways to understand and investigate relations between and amongst the agencies of the artist – artwork – world – audience. These functions or agencies when considered in the light of the structural, subjective, postmodern and cultural frames generate content for making and studying artworks.

Photography, Video and Digital Imaging

Offered as a 1 unit course to Year 11 students, Photography, Video and Digital Imaging is a Board Of Studies endorsed course and is key component of the Visual Arts curriculum. Trinity Catholic College is equipped with a dark room and provides opportunities for instruction in wet, as well as digital, photography.


02smllDrama enables young people to develop knowledge, understanding and skills, individually and collaboratively; to make, perform and appreciate dramatic and theatrical works.  Students take on roles as a means of exploring both familiar and unfamiliar aspects of their world while exploring the ways people react and respond to different situations, issues and ideas.13smll

Students learn to make, perform and appreciate dramatic and theatrical works. They learn to respond to, reflect on and analyse their own work and the work of others, and evaluate the contribution of drama and theatre to enriching society.

Visual Design

Visual Design provides opportunities for students to enjoy making and studying visual design artworks and to become informed about and understand and write about their contemporary world. It enables students to represent their ideas and interests about the world in visual design artworks and provides insights into new technologies, different cultures, and the changing nature of visual design in the 21st century.

Junior Concert Band

The Junior Concert Band consists of Woodwind, Brass, Percussion sections. This band is mainly for beginner to intermediate level music students and the repertoire ranges from short well-known original and classical works to popular and jazz standards. The Junior Concert Band performs at College assemblies as well as band festivals and eisteddfods.

Students receive 30 minutes tuition each week and play together once a week. All instruments are accessed through the school and students and will continue in the Junior Concert Band into Year 8.