Trinity Catholic College strives to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills to explain and make sense of the biological, chemical, physical and technological world. Science aims to develop critical thinking skills and creativity in all students, equipping students with skills that will prepare them for further study in Science and related areas.

All students study Science throughout Years 7 to Year 10. Students study Science in a contextual manner that addresses all of the traditional sciences such as Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Ecology and Physics, in a way that links them together. Within the Junior Science course, the students are guided through the processes of developing and designing investigations and communicating their results in a variety of ways. Their skills in manipulating equipment and working in teams are reinforced.

The Science staff aim to provide learning experiences through which students will:

• Acquire scientific knowledge and skills and develop understanding about phenomena within and beyond their experience

• Develop an appreciation of science as a human activity and apply their understanding to their everyday life

• Develop positive values and attitudes towards themselves, others, lifelong learning, science and the environment.


  • Stage 4: General Science (Mandatory)
  • Stage 5: General Science (Mandatory)
  • Stage 6: Biology, Chemistry, Investigating Science, Physics (Electives)