Pastoral Care

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care plays an important role at Trinity Catholic College. As stated in the Vatican document ‘The Catholic School’, our College is committed to the development of the whole person, in line with our Marist Charism. Through the College’s Marist Charism, students are encouraged to seek Jesus Christ and Mary “our Good Mother” in their daily lives, developing themselves into well-rounded individuals with a deep sense of respect, for themselves and others, and a love of learning.

We aim to provide for each student:

  • An atmosphere which makes the individual feel accepted, valued and loved
  • Good relationships within the College community based on mutual respect and open communication
  • A sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from learning
  • A safe and disciplined environment where students feel the challenge to pursue excellence in all areas of school life – spiritual, academic, cultural and sporting

DSC_0208Pastoral care at Trinity Catholic College recognises and values the rich diversity of cultures that exist in the school.

Celebration is an important part of the Pastoral Care program in association with the Marist charism, which calls us to foster a family spirit, to be present among young people, and to mirror the simplicity of Mary in all that we do.

We celebrate our College’s rich cultural diversity, and provide opportunities to reflect on the spiritual life of the individual and the community.